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Disability Inclusion in Education: Building Systems of Support

We place the teacher at the centre of the process of disability inclusion in this MOOC, highlighting what support teachers need and how they can be supported by education systems in ways that promote equity, equal access and dignity for learners with disabilities. We also look at what exactly children with disabilities might need in order to learn with their non-disabled peers and to access similar opportunities in life.

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Educating Deaf Children: Becoming an Empowered teacher

This course explores how being Deaf impacts on children’s learning and development, and how educators can modify the learning environment and make accommodations to meet the needs of Deaf children, develop their resilience, and support them holistically.

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Teaching Children with Visual Impairment: Creating Empowering Classrooms

There is a global movement towards inclusive neighborhood schools for the education of children with visual impairment. Inclusion provides an opportunity for everyone to become more acquainted about life with visual impairment. To create inclusive classrooms which fully accommodate the learning needs of children with visual impairment, teachers require skills, insights, and creativity. This course provides teachers with the tools to create fun and inclusive classrooms for children with visual impairment.

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Severe to Profound Intellectual Disability: Circles of Care and Education

This course is about caring for and educating children (and youth) with severe to profound intellectual disability. It aims to inform and empower parents, caregivers, therapists and others involved in working with a person with severe to profound intellectual disability by exploring what intellectual disability entails, learning about support needs, how to go about planning learning activities and building relationships of care and respect.

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